Drayo Ryuune 「竜音ドラヨ」

Terms of Usage

Usage of library: Library using is free. Relion, or any similar use is not acceptable.

Comecrial use of Voicebank: Permittion needed.

Usage of Character: Free as long credits shown.

Comercial use of Character: Permittion needed.

Derivation of Voice and library: Allowed only a minor edit to adjust the settings.

Alternation of Character: Character alternations are allowed only for clothing and accessory.

MMD model: Using of MMD models is free as long the credits are shown. Any alternation needs permittion from the owner.

Fan Arts: Fan arts are acceptable.

R-18 Fanarts: R-18 stuff is acceptable, straight Doujin is prohibited (exception can be granted by contacting the creator).

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