Drayo Ryuune 「竜音ドラヨ」

Update History

  • November
  • Site Publickly Anounced.

  • Update Info cannot be downtraced.
  • 2021:2021:
  • March
  • Moving to a new Hosting Provider.

    Updating the Visual of the website.
    Updating Usage Page.
    Adding Links Page.
    Adding a new Voicebank.
    Creating Download section.
    Moving Voice Banks and MMD to Downloads.
    Updating Character Info.
    Updating Links.
    Updating Video Links.
    Revamping Galleries with new layouts.
    Adding Recourses under the Downloads.
    Updating Designs layouts.
    Updating Character Info.
    Adding a new Picture in My Artwork.
    Adding festive skin to the site.
    Adding Update History.
    Updating visual style on cetrain pages.
    Adding two new Pictures to Resources.
    Adding accordion stylen to Update History.
    02 - Revamping Resource section.
    02 - Adding two new Pictures to Resources.
    03 - Adding Type to Voicebanks.
    04 - Adding a new Profile Picture in About.
    05 - Adding "My Goals" Page.
    05 - Moving Update History under "Home".
    05 - Small Design tweeks.
    14 - Adding Ac3Beta to Voice Libraries.
    19 - Revamping Voice Libraries.
    19 - Adding Resamplers to Voice Libraries.
    21 - Adding small details to Voice Libraries.
    29 - Adding Deon's Voice Library Download.
    31 - Adding Deon's Resources Download.